#10 META 12

Total Editions
R x 30
SR x 15
SSR x 5
Drop Date
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Design Language of the
Digital Age

Meta12 is an exploration of design language in the digital age. ANYZ wants to give form to the technology of tomorrow.

Inspired by the movie "2001: a Space Odyssey," a moment of paradigm shift in civilization is exactly what he wants this project to convey -- the higher intelligence from the unknown depths of the universe.

Advanced Intelligence.
Extraterrestrial Being

In order to reflect the generational differentiation between this advanced intelligence and carbon-based human civilization, the overall design of Meta12 is composed of geometries with low plumpness, unlike the full and organic form of carbon-based creatures.

The basic volume of a supercar is reconstructed through geometry. Meta12 stands apart from the species and environment around us -- a deep differentiation across time, space, and civilization.



ANYZ is an automotive designer, digital artist and electronic music producer. He graduated from GAFA with a master's degree in transportation design, and once served as an advanced and exterior designer at GAC and Changan Auto. He enjoys changing design methods to achieve unexpected results.