#02 RTxR8cer

Total Editions
R x 30
SR x 15
SSR x 5
Drop Date
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The RTxR8CER creates a bond between crypto and sci-fi, creating a bond between two forward thinking concepts. It was inspired by a pillar of cryptocurrency: Mining, featuring RTX Graphic cards and Ground Effect based turbo fans, this vehicle was created for those who have a deep appreciation for the technology and forward thinking nature of the current “crypto” landscape.

92,789 Clicks

With the third drop of Metamotive, Helios had a vision to extract forms entirely digitally, he wanted to approach the design in a totally different way by utilising only his computer mouse and keyboard with modelling software to create an entirely unqiue output, the RTxR8cer has a total recorded clicks of: 92,789 from start to finish. This is a purely digital piece of art created through digital means for the people of the future to enjoy.



Helios is a Design Visualisation artist and creative director based in the United Kingdom. He has worked at various global Automotive Design consultancies and OEM’s some of which include: Bespoke Design, SP1 Design & Jaguar Land Rover. His work is greatly influenced by Sci-Fi, he loves to vision a reality with limitless possibilities and pushing thought provoking design and visualisation to carry into the digital world.