Total Editions
R x 30
SR x 15
SSR x 5
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Homage to the Golden Age

It inherits and pays homage to the golden age when people imagined future vehicles as a speed form - the wedge era in the 1970s. At that time, we had Lamborghini Countach, Lancia Stratos Zero, and DMC-12 from <Back to Future>. Unfortunately, due to the worldwide oil crisis, it is difficult for us to see such a pure and symbolic "car" just flying close to the ground after that.

Return to Purity

Now with the launch of Metamotive, ZEO extracted the most authentic and pure part of the wedge form and created this work. Before that, it had never been publicly displayed in any corner of the web2 world. So in the Web3 world, you can enjoy it, drive it, and own it.



ZEO is an automotive designer and digital artist based in Shanghai. He graduated from Tongji University, and once served as advanced concept designer at Volkswagen, GM, Volvo, and Nissan & Infiniti. His works centers around deconstruction and reconstruction of objects, and a reverse glimpse from the digital world.